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Become an expert about KNX



The Advance Course is divided in to two parts. Online Theory & Face-2-Face Practical (Off-line).

Theory (Online - Live)

  • Duration ::            2 days

  • No of Sessions ::  4

  • Timing ::       2:30 pm  to  6:30 pm

  • Fees ::           Indian Rs. 20,000 + 18% GST  

  • Total Fees ::  INR 23,600 (All Inclusive)

  • Location ::     Zoom (Online)

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Practical (Face-2-Face)

  • Duration ::             4 days

  • No of Sessions ::  4 (Full Day)

  • Timing ::      10:30 pm  to  6:30 pm

  • Fees ::          Indian Rs. 30,000 + 18% GST  

  • Total Fees :: INR 35,400 (All Inclusive)

  • Location ::   On site at our training center                         in Goregaon Mumbai.

  • Next Batch ::  Click to find 

10+ Years of Training experience

The only Centre in India with +++ Rating

Brand Neutral Training Centre

Over 20+ Years in the industry

Reaching for a Book


 Theory (Online - Live)

  • Telegram

    • Study the communication packets called Telegram in detail.

  • Flags

    • Know more about Communication Objects Flags.​

  • Logic Operations

    • How to implement Logic in a real-world project.​

  • Visulisation System

    • How visulise the KNX installation.

  • Interworking

    • How different device from different manufacturers​, interact with each other.

  • KNX & Multi-media (informative)

    • Learn how AV devices are being controlled by KNX​

  • KNX & Smart Metering (informative)

    • Review of metering devices & their interface to KNX.​​​

  • Fail-safe Planning

    • How to plan a system which does not fail.

  • Security Technology

    • Study possible intrusion detection​ system

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

    • Manage HVAC with KNX.​​​

  • Couplers​

    • Learn about Secure IP Couplers​ & Line / Backbone Couplers

  • IP Communication

    • Learn about KNX telegrams sent via TCP/IP​

  • KNX Secure

    • How to protect KNX installation from hackers​

  • Lighting Control

    • Day light harvesting & Constant Lighting Control​

  • ETS Apps

    • ETS add-on apps​

Listening to the Teacher

Who should attand ?

·  Electrical Installers and planners

·  Technical as well as Sales Staff

·  System integrators

·  Automation Business Owners

·  Engineering Students that seeks carrier in Automation Industry

Dark Wood Panels


Theory (Online - Live)

Practical (Face-2-Face)

₹ 23,600/-

₹ 35,400/-

Special Discount

₹   3,540/-

Net Amount 

₹ 55,460/-

(all inclusive)

Being 10th year of our training center

₹ 70,800

One must pass
KNX Basic Course

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Where is training center located ?

The Glotech training centre is located in Goregaon East, Mumbai, INDIA. The exact address is available at the bottom of this page. There are no branches available as of now. You may find the hotels nearby by clicking following link.


Is it a Certified course ?

Yes. It is a recognised course by Europian company named "KNX". KNX is popular across the globe & there are many job opportunities created for KNX Certified Professionals.


How many students are included in one batch ?

There are maximum 4 students per batch.


What qualification is needed to join the basic course ?

As such there are no pre-requisits. But one must know how to operate a computer. Very basic knowledge of electricity is desired.


How long have you been training ?

It has been 10 years now. We are happy to help the professionals get better job opportunities, by enhancing their knowledge. But we are in the field of KNX Home Automation ever since year 2002. It has been about 20 years.


Will we be able to program with a particular KNX brand ?

We are a brand-neutral training centre. So we teach using products from various different companies like ... ABB, Theben, Zennio, GM, Sunricher, Vimar, Elsner etc.


Does Glotech Academy offer any job guarantee?

We do not offer any job gurantee as such. But we can connect the professionals with companies seeking the candidates.

Our Courses


KNX Basic Course

KNX Basic Course

The KNX Basic course is perfectly designed to give you practical knowledge about designing, configuring, commissioning & diagnosing a KNX project, independently. 

There are no pre-requisite for this course.

It has two parts – Theory & Practical. The theory takes you for a deep drive, to understand the KNX protocol from inside. In the practical part one learns to design, configure, commission & diagnose a practical KNX installation.


KNX Advance Course

KNX Advance Course

The KNX Advance Course is designed to make you expert in handling complex subjects like HVAC, Visulisation, Fail-Safe-System, Logic Operation, Security Technology etc.

This KNX accreditation requires successful completion of the basic training course.

The ADVANCE course will consist of 2 parts – THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL. On successful completion of these tests, the student tab in distinctively displays that the student has passed the course Advance KNX.


KNX Tutor Course

KNX Tutor Course

The KNX Tutor course is perfectly designed to empower you to provide KNX training to other students. 

This KNX accreditation requires successful completion of the basic training course as well as advance training course.

The three-day course explores requirements for training centre, and dives into further in-depth knowledge about KNX protocol.

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